How to Find the Best Car Rental Companies

When renting a car, either home or abroad, finding an excellent car rental agency is of paramount importance. Getting a good deal and working with a reliable agency can make the difference between a pleasant experience and one that is costly and fraught with aggravation.

Finding a good company does not have to be hard; here are a few tips on how to hire the best car rental companies and benefit from only the best car rental experience, whatever your needs and wherever you are in the world.

Firstly, make sure that you choose a company with transparent pricing. This is often an issue with many companies that rent out vehicles of all kinds. People who to choose to hire a car from companies can find themselves faced with complicated contracts, complicated pricing schemes and plenty of hidden extra charges.

Hidden charges can come in the form of extra insurance, fees for extras such as baby seats, insurance waivers, pick up from a location such as an airport and much more. In fact, it is not unheard of for people to be encouraged to hire a car for an advertised price and then drive away having paid at least double that.

Unfortunately these somewhat dishonest practices seem to be rife nowadays. This is not true in all cases however, with the most reputable car rental agencies making sure they offer fair and completely clear prices.

Ask a company that you are thinking of hiring to provide a quote for all the services that you need. Be sure to check on breakdown cover and insurance, as these can end up costing you significantly if they are extra.

A second tip to finding a reputable car rental company is to look for one which offers an up-to-date and modern fleet of vehicles. This is not simply about looks or ease of driving, but for your own security and peace of mind too. After all, an older vehicle might be much more unreliable, and chances are that you will need your vehicle to be reliable for your purpose.

Although a cheap vehicle might be a lot easier on the wallet, if the car breaks down you could be in a potentially difficult situation. Although your rental agency might be able to offer you breakdown cover and roadside assistance, they may not have a spare vehicle for you available as a replacement straight away, causing you great inconvenience.

Be sure to check that the vehicle that you are hiring is modern and is serviced on a frequent basis. If necessary, consider paying a little bit more money for peace of mind when hiring a vehicle, rather than opting for rock bottom prices and unreliable vehicle.

The next tip to bear in mind when you hire the best car rental companies is to check that they have an excellent customer service system in place. Many of the most reliable companies have a 24-hour agency hot line just in case you encounter issues. Be wary of companies that are difficult to get hold off when you need them the most.

The best car rental companies will care that you have the best experience with them.

This includes not only giving you a transparent pricing structure, but also ensuring that you have help on hand should you need it, especially if you are hiring in an area that you do not know well and driving a vehicle that you are not too familiar with.

If in doubt, consult the company’s customer testimonials or feedback to see whether or not you are making a good choice. The best agencies will not be shy about showing off all the positive client reviews they have on their website or elsewhere, and this is often a very reliable indicator of quality.

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Benefits of Car Hire for Your Next Vacation

Thousands of people take advantage of car hire services each and every day. There are numerous reasons why people use car hire services when travelling for business and pleasure. There are so many benefits to take advantage of, so much you need to know which can help you decide if this is the best solution for you when planning your next holiday adventure.

The first benefit you will find is that when you use a car hire service you can travel as a group. If you are planning a weekend away as a group of friends, all driving your own vehicles can be disappointing and has you all arriving at different times. All travelling together in one vehicle is fun, you all arrive together and your vacation starts the minute you all climb in the vehicle to get going

In addition to the benefit of driving together as one group, when you take advantage of car hire for your group holiday, you will find you save money. Rather than everyone putting fuel in their own vehicles, there is only one vehicle that requires fuel, therefore saving you a considerably sum of money in the long run.

Car hire can help you reduce wear and tear to your own vehicle when travelling within you own country. Many people are under the impression that you only hire a vehicle when travelling within a foreign country or when flying to another town, but if you want to enjoy a leisurely road trip and explore your own country, taking advantage of a car hire service can ensure your car remains safely in the garage and doesn’t accumulate the miles in the process.

In addition to this, when you use a car hire service you will get roadside assistance included. Most reputable car rental companies include roadside assistance to all their clients, ensuring that they are provided with the convenience of having someone on call in the event of a breakdown or emergency when driving the car hire vehicle.

You will always get the benefit of driving a newer model. Most of the leading car hire companies will only stock top quality vehicles and usually the latest models to ensure that they have a reliable and safe vehicle for their clients to drive. The younger the model, the better the safety features, which is something that every car rental company focuses extensively on.

You can enjoy peace of mind when hiring a car that the vehicle will be well serviced and maintained. A car hire company doesn’t want to have to send out roadside assistance if they don’t need to. This means that they are going to focus on ensuring that they provide you with a car that is regularly serviced and repaired, the car is checked after each rental to ensure you get a vehicle that you can rely on and trust when taking it on the open road.

Car hire provides you with complete independence when on vacation. Rather than rely on public transport and being rushed around by tour guides, you get to explore the sites and enjoy all the area has to offer in your own time and at your own pace. When sitting at the hotel, you are in control on your itinerary for the day, where you go, what you see and how long you go out for.

Car hire offers a convenience that you can only really appreciate once you use it. There is no wasted time waiting for a taxi to arrive or for a bus, you get to where you need to go quickly and effectively and you save money in the process.

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Fascinating San Diego California – USA

With its year-round tropical climate, San Diego, California, is one of the most popular vacation spots for tourists around the globe. From sailing and hiking to surfing and skiing, the city offers a plethora of activities. What’s more is that San Diego is a hop, skip and a jump away from Tijuana-an exciting alternative to California living.

Seaport Village is home to several luxury yachts as well as a wide variety of charter services. Spend a day at sea whale watching or just kick back and enjoy San Diego’s beautiful coastline.

Head to what is considered North County and pay a visit to the Del Mar Fairgrounds. From mid-July to early September, the fairgrounds are converted into the legendary Del Mar Racetrack. The horse racing venue once served as a stomping ground for some of the world’s most influential entertainers such as Jimmy Durante, Ava Gardner, Pat O’Brien, and of course the legendary Seabiscuit.

In the heart of the city you will find Mission Valley-a central haven for some of San Diego’s best shopping. The outdoor Fashion Valley Mall features designer boutiques as well as premiere department store giants including Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s.

I’s downtown Gaslamp District boasts plenty of boutiques, top-notch restaurants, five-star luxury hotels, and a whole street lined with some of the city’s most popular nightclubs. A newer addition to the downtown area is the state-of-the-art Petco Park. The Gaslamp District caters to the swarms of tourists by offering activities such as sight-seeing charter buses, pedicabs and horse-drawn carriage rides.

And with the city’s trolley system in place the perils of parking are easily avoided. Luxury hotels include the Manchester Grand Hyatt, Hotel Solamar, Horton Grand Hotel, The Omni, The Westin Horton Plaza, the Hard Rock Hotel, the Westgate Hotel, and more. Take a closer look at luxury hotels in San Diego.

Experience California’s history while strolling through the Old Town. As the first European settlement in what is now California, Old Town has been dubbed the state’s birthplace. The cultural landmark- home to the first California mission showcases Spanish history through its Bazaar del Mundo. Another popular attraction is the oh-so-creepy Whaley house, which offers insight into what some people call Haunted San Diego.

When people think of San Diego the thought of bikini-clad beaches is often what first enters their heads. It has earned this reputation for good reason as its coastline offers some of California’s best natural beaches. There are plenty of beach communities that seem to cater to every stereotype out there.

First off, there is the overcrowded (but fabulous) Pacific Beach, which offers party-goers a wide variety of hot spots all within walking distance from each other. Travel a little south and you will hit Mission Beach, which offers all the perks of P.B. with the added luxury of Belmont Park. Keep heading south and you will end up in Ocean Beach, a small community filled with vintage shops, dive bars, and some wonderful undiscovered little cafes and restaurants.
San Diego Bay is yet another popular destination, known mainly for its ample water-sports.

And with neighboring mountain ranges in close proximity, San Diego is ideal for avid skiers and snowboarders alike. The kiddos will enjoy the famous San Diego Zoo, Wildlife Park, and Legoland. And adults will find a playground of their own as the county also offers several Indian gaming sites, casinos and luxury resorts.

With so many well-traveled attractions and tourist destinations, San Diego has experienced rapid growth. This means that those looking for investment opportunities will find a surplus of resources in its flourishing market. Some of the most prime real estate is located in the coastal community of La Jolla, as well as in the high-rising downtown condominiums and lofts.

How Embroidery Has Evolved Over the Years

“Embroidery was the love of writing your dreams with a needle, with a pearl, with anything that could enchant and bring tenderly to life a d├ęcor, an ambiance, a souvenir.” – Francois Lesage


Such has been the importance of embroidery in our world and its culture that its value has only increased over the years. Don’t even think for a second that this form of art is the creation of the modern world. It’s as early as the 1700s when having embroidered clothes in possession was a clear sign of wealth. Back then, there were no clothes or colourful threads which are why bone, sinew and animal pelts were used to create designs.

What’s the craze all about?

This is an art which involves stitching designs over fabrics using needles and yarn. With time, everything has changed, however; people have implemented several other items like pearls, metal strips, beads and several others in this art form. This art dates back to the time when people realized that they could sew clothes together. The usual wear and tear of clothes could easily be fixed by binding them through a thread. Then people established that if threads can tie fabrics together, it can also be used to serve a decorative element over it.

The world has witnessed the ancient samples of handcrafted embroidery from places like Egypt, China, Persia, India and Russia. They were a class apart, and each country had their own portrayal of their culture through these designs. History records from ancient sculptures and paintings show that this art was evident way back in 3000 B.C.

How far has it come?

As technology advanced, newer materials were invented to make these designs much easier. Computers introduced digitized versions of these design patters which is fast becoming a lucrative profession these days. The computerized machine usually contains a small piece of fabric over which mechanized needles designs the patterns which are preselected. No matter how far technology has come, the materials used for this art has remained the same. Still now, a needle and fabric are used to design.

These days, even renowned designers are trying their hand on embroidery and are reaping significant results. Just visit any supermarket or local clothing store and you will find a host of embroidered clothes to your liking. Usually machined stitched designs are less expensive than handcrafted ones because of the time and energy artisans put in designing with barely with their hands. It’s not merely a coincidence that the demand for hand crafted attires and fabrics are huge these days. People want to wear good designs and very few arts are capable of delivering them.

The author Dylan Flint is an avid admirer of embroidery in Belconnen and recently used dry clean in Belconnen services for washing all his clothing collection

Four Ways to Getting Creative With Picture Framing

Over the years, it is not unusual to amass many photos, mementos, and prints to liven up walls, the ledges, and mantels of the house. Nonetheless, with so some these pictures lying around can be hard to have the knowledge of what all to do with them; picture framing might not be cheap, but when pinned to the wall with thumbtacks, pictures and posters often appear disorganized and cluttered. Luckily, there are boundless possibilities when it comes to showing and framing your keepsakes. Here are four suggestions to get you started.

1. Collage Your Mess

Many people have boxes full sized family pictures they just do not understand what to do with. Why not breathe some life into the memories of your nearest and dearest by buying a bigger fashion of framework and making a collage that is creative? Much like scrap booking, picture collages are just restricted by your imagination. Use decorative tape, rubber stamps, ribbon, or glitter to tie your graphics together.

2. Time for Inspiration

By far one of the very eye-catching ways to display your favorite photographs, trinkets, and works of art mounted picture clock. This innovative decor thought includes putting 12 pictures that are framed in a circle on one of the walls of your home and installing a battery-controlled set of clock hands that can keep time around them. This amazing decorating theory works nicely in craft rooms, and you can use offices, studies; the clock as a way to keep track of the hour while being inspired by your favorite artworks, citations, or other pictures.

3. Frameworks are not Only for Photographs

Are you a little hoarder? Odds are you’ve a group of some form. Anything you collect, it is likely gathering dust in a drawer or cupboard, which makes it impossible to flaunt and difficult to access. Remember: picture framing is not merely for art! Add some style to your walls when you use frameworks as display cases for your collectibles.

4. Produce an Attribute Wall

For those who own numerous prints and pictures that you wish to show, why don’t you dedicate one wall in your family room or entrance way to showcasing them? This picture framing technique makes the whole wall your canvas–best of all, it does not matter if the pictures change in size and shape, or that they are spaced unevenly. This strategy to design looks fantastic as you can value each photo separately as you ascend and descend the stairway when placed next to a stairway. You can also save cash by thrifting modest, frames that are uncommon.

A Brief Travel Guide to South West England

England’s South West begins approximately 80 miles west of London in Wiltshire and includes the counties of Gloucestershire, Bristol, Somerset, Devon, Dorset and Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly, and the urban centers of Bath, Bournemouth and Poole. Occupying the peninsula between the English Channel and the Bristol Channel, the region offers 702 miles of coastline. The area is home to the annual Glastonbury Festival and Clifton Village’s original May Day celebration and holds two national parks and four World Heritage Sites, including Stonehenge. Dartmoor National Park in Devon has 450 miles of walking paths, on- and off-road cycling, and climbing, backpacking and geocaching opportunities. Exmoor National Park, straddling Somerset and Devon, has 267 square miles of moorland and woodland where, in addition to walking and cycling, stargazing, country sports, and canoeing are popular pastimes.


Bristol, the largest city in the region, has many attractions to both entertain and educate family members of all ages. Board the world’s first great ocean liner, Brunel’s SS Great Britain, or dress like a pirate, and join Pirate Pete as he takes you on the one-hour Bristol Pirate Walk through Harbourside. Visit Bristol Zoo Gardens to view its exotic plants and animals, and let the children try the playground and water play area, special activity center and the ZooRopia ropes course. Walk the underwater tunnel surrounded by sharks, see the giant octopus, and attend the learning lab, featuring newborn sea creatures, at Bristol Aquarium.

Annual events include the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta in August, offering free admission, day and night mass ascents, fireworks, and the chance to book a ride on a balloon. Bristol Tour open-top buses carry you directly to popular attractions, sightseeing and shopping. Hop on, hop off passes are available, and kids ride for free.


Wiltshire is home to the Castle Combe Circuit, one of the UK’s fastest courses. Attend one of the facility’s Driving Experience Days, and you can drive a race car around the track. Drive your own car on the course on Track Days, or ride alongside an experienced race driver. Experience the rally course, 4×4 driving course, skid pan or kart track. Off-road driving experiences are available for all ages, including Saturday Grand Prix sessions, individual and group instruction.

Visit the prehistoric World Heritage Site at Stonehenge, which includes a gift shop and cafe, or tour the countryside to view the eight white horse chalk figures around the county. At the estate at Longleat House, near Warminster, visitors can drive through Safari Park to experience close encounters with exotic animals, play at the animal-themed Adventure Park, and tour the stately home, a prime example of high Elizabethan architecture.


Famous for its natural beauty, the county’s terrain ranges from the woods and wildflowers of Golitha Falls Natural National Reserve to Stowes Hill and surrounding ancient sites on Bodmin Moor and the Lost Gardens of Heligan near St Austell. Chosen as the Nation’s Favorite Garden by viewers of the BBC’s Gardeners’ World, the Lost Gardens feature garden sculpture, jungle plants, and wildlife on view.

Cornwall is an ideal spot for outdoor sports. Relax with a scenic round of golf, or get your heart racing as you engage in adventure sports such as climbing, coasteering, mountain boarding and sand yachting. Experience kite surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, water skiing and paddle boarding on the sea. Many of Cornwall’s beaches have earned the international Blue Flag Award for water quality and management. Try Polzeath Beach for surfing, Gyllyngvase Beach for rock pooling, or the family beaches of Porthowan and Porthminster. August brings the annual Boardmasters Surf Festival to Newquay, Falmouth is home to the National Maritime Museum Cornwall, and Land’s End at Porthcurno offers amazing clifftop views along the Cornish coast and the open-air Minack Theatre.